Thursday, December 31, 2009

new year's eve

it is my new year's resolution to start a blog that will have at least one entry a day. realistically, i don't always have anything epic to write. so, i tried to think of something based on a greater structure, something i can respond to daily, that may be personal but is inspired outside of myself.

i have been subscribing to mirriam-webster's word-of-the-day emails for about four years. some of the words i know already. some are more interesting than others and get saved in an email folder. some disappoint me in their pointlessness. but i get one every morning. it is usually one of the first things i see. so, i've decided to respond every day to the word mirriam-webster chooses for me. i want to challenge myself to find relevance in every single one of those words.

and i will. and maybe you will, too!