Saturday, August 14, 2010




: an established preference for something

What constitutes a preference as "established?" I'm assuming this connotation refers to commonly "known" or "understood." As in, it's well established I have a PREDILECTION to being called "Candace" over "Candy."

For some reason when I think of PREDILECTIONS, I don't think of things I like as much as things that are the opposite of things I hate—as though preferences only exist to alleviate the pain of enduring an alternative that is unbearably horrible. Some people prefer to sit facing forward on a train because otherwise they will become motion sick. Others prefer skim milk over whole because they fear getting fat. I prefer to walk home at night with a friend because I don't want to get harassed/mugged/raped, etc.

So, what would a preference away from something be? The thesaurus sites the antonyms for PREDILECTION as: antipathy, disinterest, dislike, hate. I suppose one wouldn't say she has a PREDILECTION away from something.

I guess colors are a nice exception. I have a PREDILECTION to orange over red, in most cases. There's no antipathy there. It's just a preference. That's nice.

Some other non-hateful PREDILECTIONS:

everything bagels over plain bagels
Beatles over Stones
Mac over PC

Ok, that last one involves some antipathy.

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