Tuesday, November 2, 2010




: the scientific study of elections

It is no coincidence that today is election day.

While undergoing an internet search for PSEPHOLOGY, I found there to be more leads to novelty items that display witticisms such as "Mommy's (or Daddy's) Little PSEPHOLOGIST"—t-shirts, wall clocks, aprons—than actual information on careers in PSEPHOLOGY. There was one website, PSEPHOLOGIST.com, a single page stating the mission "to inform and promote the Science and Application of Election Theory, Practice, and Procedures," followed by some contact information and nothing else. Last modified: October 19, 2001.

PSEPHOLOGY is used predominantly post-election to study trends or measure the disproportionality of an election, as opposed to guiding predictions. Electoral Handicapping.

IndiaEducation.net, a web-based career center with a fondness for clipart, informs me—with little attention to grammar or spelling—that most PSEPHOLOGISTS have a background in political science or sociology. Needless to say, jobs are more plentiful during election season. The budding PSEPHOLOGIST must keep political allegiance at bay while "indulging" in professional work. In regards to compensation: "Due to ever-increasing importance of elections in any democratic set-up, sky is the limit for skilful [sic] PSEPHOLOGIST."

Shoot high, PSEPHOLOGISTS of the world.

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