Friday, September 3, 2010




: a word that is treated in pronunciation as forming a part of a neighboring word and that is often unaccented or contracted

Um...okay. I'm gonna go ahead and remind you that this word is CLITIC and we all have dirty minds. That said, this definition seems to be in hieroglyphics, so I will paraphrase:

CLITIC : essentially, the tacked-on letter(s) in a contraction/abbreviation. There are two types of CLITICS: ENCLITICS and PROCLITICS. ENCLITIC refers to a contracted suffix, while PROCLITIC refers to a contracted prefix. For example, in "who'da" the ENCLITIC is the "'da" while in "y'all" the PROCLITIC is the "y'." Mouth. Full.

All that aside, this is a dirty, dirty word. I just keep thinking "a clit critic." Can you imagine? It would be like that "rate your professor" website. Oh my.

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