Wednesday, March 17, 2010


\GLOW-er (the OW is as in "cow")\


: to look or stare with sullen annoyance or anger

i'm actually more interested in the parenthetical remark within the phonetics here: (the OW as in "cow"). this reminds me of being on the phone with, i don't know, any professional operator, during moments in which they are taking your personal information, and they repeat it back to you using common words to verify that the correct spelling was not corrupted by a poor connection:

so that's candace, c as is coffee, a as in apple, n as in nancy, d as in dog, a as in apple, c as in coffee, e as in eggs.

sometimes they say it so fast it blows my mind. i'm assuming they just have a mental bank of words they always use, since they usually repeat the same ones within my name. i like how they change up the type of word—it's not all food groups or names or animals. in this context, my name can be its own story: sharing eggs, coffee and an apple with nancy and her dog. i don't even know anyone named nancy, though. pity, as jareth might say, GLOWERING at me when i tell him his labyrinth is a piece of cake.

c as in cake...

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