Friday, April 23, 2010




1 dialect : intrigue, conspire
2 : to talk privately : confer

I am having trouble looking at this word and not wanting it to be something else: colloquial, cologne, colleague, even kellogg. But it is none of these words. I'm not really giving it a fair chance.

Sometimes people just see or hear or comprehend through too subjective of a lens. I don't know why I want to see this word as all of these others, but I do. Here is another example: My name is Candace, right? Most people know and understand this, and they pronounce it phonetically—kan-diss. However, I would say that about seventy percent of people who write my name out spell it C-A-N-D-A-N-C-E. Can dance. I don't know why this happens. They don't say my name with an extra "n" involved, they only spell it that way.

This could be that they are confusing my name with the similar name Cadence. Or they could just be negligent—all seventy percent of them. Or they really just want my name to be a phrase—can dance—because that is more interesting. Or perhaps they have all COLLOGUED in advance, agreeing upon the common and irritating misspelling so as to document my reactions in a psychological case study.

If so, I would enjoy seeing the results.

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