Wednesday, July 21, 2010




1 : downward inclination
*2 : a descending slope

According to, there is a clear path following the DECLIVITY of one's downward spiral that can be observed in these eight stages:

1) All-the-Time-in-the-World Syndrome

2) Overconfidence

3) Denial

4) The Lack of a Foundation

5) The Tolerance Factor

6) Unsuccessful Attempts to Stop a Habit

7) Emotions are Stronger than Reason

8) "I Don't Care Anymore"

Of course,'s solution to one's DECLIVITY is obviously a renewal in the reliance on God's grace.

According to NIN, "God is dead and no one cares; if there is a hell I'll see you there." This concept probably fits under stages 4 and 8. NIN embraces the so-called downward inclination. And, in all fairness, I would put my faith in NIN as the authority on the downward spiral.

Sorry, You should stick to "ecstatic joy or delight." DECLIVITY is not your forte.

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