Friday, July 23, 2010




1 a : to gather into storage b : to deposit as if in a granary
2 a : to acquire by effort : earn b : accumulate, collect

To start, granary : a building in which grain is stored, a.k.a. a GARNER at some distant and unknown point in English history. Noun becomes verb; place to store becomes the act of storing, accumulating, collecting, etc. And so on.

In North America the granary is called a "grain elevator." Figures.

So. GARNER. I kind of want this word to mean "covet," as I picture maniacal man—whose eyes consequently look in two different directions—rolling around in a massive pile of bulgar wheat.

If you don't have room in your modest backyard for a separate building in which to store your grain, FEAR NOT. According to, one can store grain in a simple 5-gallon container purchased from your average paint supply store. While GARNERING into a granary would be ideal, it's not always practical, especially in the inner-city.

It's important to think about storing grain in case of an emergency; for example: ice storms, earthquakes, hurricanes, black outs, bioterrorism, nuclear warfare, tsunamis, Y2K, volcanoes, tornadoes, depression, and the Atkin's diet.

Get motivated, get prepared, and get GARNERED.

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