Saturday, October 23, 2010




1 : a sudden attack of illness, faintness, or nausea
2 : a sudden fear
3 : a feeling of doubt or indecision in matters of right and wrong

A bad feeling. Doubt. Meaning has grown less severe. Once inspired illness. Going against one's instincts led to physical rejection of bad morals. Linked to something intuitive, instinctual.

I think of Buffy (as in, the vampire slayer), who experienced a wave of uterine pains and overall wooziness when in the presence of a vampire. When she was about to kill. That's almost sexual. Carnal QUALMS.

Perhaps also the precursor for anxiety. Essentially the same end. Anxiety took the mental route, QUALM the physical. Although I would argue both feelings equally stem from the brain and the gut.

Devo's "Gut Feeling." A good song. There's a message in your movements that really gets my goat.

"Gets my goat" suggests irritation. Various theories of origin. Possibly American. May be related to verb goad : to prod, incite. Also may be French, prendre la chevre, to take the goat, to steal someone's lifeblood, an act of peculation, most definitely inspiring a QUALM.

I would have a bad feeling if someone stole my goat. I might also have a bad feeling if I woke up and realized I was the owner of a goat.

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