Saturday, December 11, 2010




: friendly civility : courtesy

COMITY is used mostly in political and judicial contexts in which the word connotes mutual respect, accord, and general smooth relations. I find it interesting that the concept of courtesy carries with it a suggestion that there is ill will or instinctual malice somewhere buried underneath layers of socially-demanded decency. Keeping the peace, if you will.

COMITY is almost essential in customer service. Over about fifteen years of practice, I have developed a persona, a face, a voice, hi, how's it going! let me know if you guys have any questions! smile—with teeth, make eye contact, and don't ever let anyone go unnoticed. The persona turns on and off, it's on autopilot, no longer in my control. Can I help you find something? At work, I am a dummy. COMITY has its supple fist up my ass.

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