Monday, December 13, 2010




: indulgence in idle daydreaming

The term WOOLGATHERING refers to the collection of sheep's wool that had been caught in fences and such as the bushy animals grazed the outskirts of their territory. WOOLGATHERERS walked the perimeter pulling tufts of wool out of their wire traps, an aimless task that posed to be never ending. The concept of WOOLGATHERING captures that aimlessness and the likely mindless daydreaming that must have taken place during the hours and hours of this work.

Since every job feels never ending at some point in its course, I see WOOLGATHERING as a lovely metaphor for work in general, as well as the daydreaming that often fills moments of reflection or pause. As for the actual, physical act of WOOLGATHERING, I may consider it a dream job for myself—hours of wandering pasture, peace and quiet, sheep, clean air, good exercise. I would do it for a while. Maybe a year, or so.

I wonder if there are internships abroad in WOOLGATHERING. Hm.

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