Tuesday, May 18, 2010




: the material or significant part of a grievance or complaint

I am no stranger to bitching. In fact, I cannot imagine a day going by during which I fail to complain about someone or something. But, most likely someone. Somethings don't bother me as much—circumstances are often uncontrollable. So what if I got stuck in a rain storm while walking over the Burnside bridge or I got a flat tire or my sock keeps bunching up in my fucking sneaker. These things just happen. But people—


drive me mad.

The GRAVAMEN of most of my complaints about people is a general lack of one or more of these qualities:

1) common sense*,
2) work ethic,
3) respect,
4) tact, and
5) timeliness.

Almost every complaint comes down to one of the above. I know—I shouldn't care. And believe me, I care a whole lot less than I used to. But it is just so, so easy to rip into people. And I'm positive people can and should rip into me, as well. And that's totally okay. I'm particular and neurotic and self-conscious and over-achieving. There's a whole lot of material there. If we all just accept that we are regularly both the subjects and objects of full-on rants, it will make the whole thing seem a lot more human.

*I realize common sense is a totally loaded notion. But I'm still somewhat of an idealist on this matter.

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