Tuesday, May 11, 2010




: useless or excessive self-contemplation

All self-contemplation is as useless as it is valid. To better understand the self is to better understand everything else. One has only to apply their gained understanding.

NAVEL-GAZING is only useless if you fail to realize you are the same as everyone else. Once you do, it's liberating.

This blog is almost entirely self-contemplation, more specifically, a contemplation on the place where the self meets everything other. This intersection is what I am trying, forever, to understand. And this is universal—everyone stands at this intersection their whole life.

Is this blog useless? Only as useless as everything else. Really, one could argue it's all adding up to a whole lot of nothing.

But it's a sunny Tuesday morning, and today one wants to believe this means something. So, therefore, it does.

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  1. ha! the first thing i thought of was facebook. i used to think blogs were all vanity press and navel-gazing but now i think it's the new form of scrapbooking.