Tuesday, February 23, 2010




1 : a dispute over or about words
2 : a controversy marked by verbiage

ah, the trials and tribulations of the intellectuals. i guess i have never seen two people in a battle of LOGOMACHY, but i'm assuming it must be similar to that moment in Clerks when dante and randall argue about whether jedi or empire is the better movie.

the closest i have come to this is arguing with girls from the housatonic river valley (think: anyone who would have appeared on Rikki Lake) about their excessive use of the double negative. i don't sincerely care about this modification of language. at the time i was bitter and insecure and wanted to feel better than this group of girls who i worked with at a job i hated. this manifested in the form of correcting their grammar. i was a total snob.

one thing i do notice is the mispronunciation of the word "cannoli." we sell cannolis in the bakery where i work; they are clearly labeled with a sign that says: cannolis. but at least half the people who order them refer to them as "cannelonis." still an italian food, but entirely different. canneloni is to cannoli as burgers are to ice cream sandwiches.

i don't think i'm upset that they are confusing two italian dishes as much as i am frustrated with the mis-reading of a sign. or rather, the non-reading—the act of reading the first few letters and then making an assumption about the rest of the word. this happens frequently. we also have a cake called the "chocolate eruption," which i have heard referred to as: the chocolate egyptian, the chocolate european, and the chocolate erection. this is just lazy to me.

so, what this really comes down to is that i dislike laziness and disregard. when i hand them their desserts i say, here are your CANNOLIS. have a great afternoon!, emphasizing the correct pronunciation.

i guess this would be considered passive-aggressive LOGOMACHY.

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  1. Omg I was seriously just thinking about this today. You're totally blowing my mind. Do you still keep the can of cannelonis behind the counter?