Thursday, February 25, 2010




1 : outlaw
2 : to condemn or forbid as harmful or unlawful

a list of things that i will PROSCRIBE today:

1) getting sick (my throat is scratchy and i'm drowning myself in zinc)
2) rain
3) having to buy a new power supply for my computer (i may have to give in)
4) listening to sad break-up music
5) writing an anecdote in this blog

i have a lot of anecdotes, but there are 365 days in a year, and this is only the 58th blog i have written. if i keep writing in this venue (which i will, at least for the length of the year) i may end up repeating stories. i have already spent time looking back to see if i am retelling another blog's vignette. but should i really PROSCRIBE telling the same story twice? one story can certainly hold several interpretations, and therefore can be used to relay the significance of many different concepts.

that said, from now on i will not look back to see if i've already told the story i'm about to use. these stories are the tools for understanding these concepts, and the same tool can be used for more than one purpose (that's what she said...?). i've known really amazing storytellers who tell the same story over and over and it only ripens with the act of repeated telling.

i want to be one of these storytellers. i can only hope that i am well on my way.

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