Saturday, February 13, 2010




: foreknowledge of events: a : divine omniscience b : human anticipation of the course of events : foresight

i see some contradiction in the above definition—foreknowledge implies the act of knowing ahead of the event, while foresight implies the act of looking ahead to the event. there's a big gap here for me. there are few things i truly know about the future as compared to the various things i expect will happen.

a few things i have a (b) PRESCIENCE about today:

i will eat oatmeal for breakfast
i will attempt to finish the novel Quicksilver that i am reading for my science fiction class
i will ride my bike to work at noon
work will be annoying, but satisfying
i will grow increasingly disillusioned about my recent break-up as the day progresses
i will have to answer to at least one customer concerning how i stay so thin working in a bakery
i will think about the thesis that i will not write for at least another year, but that i have been writing for at least twenty years already
i will ride my bike home while listening to early nineties rock jams and formulate metaphors in my head as i push up the gnarly hills to the east side
i will read myself to sleep

something i have a (a) PRESCIENCE about today:

the earth will rotate.

truly a complex word. and there's a whole other blog brewing in my head about how the act of expecting things alters their odds of occurrence. i'll have to save that for another word. maybe: OBVIOUS.

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