Saturday, January 2, 2010




1 : an order of a government prohibiting the departure of commercial ships from its ports
2 : a legal prohibition on commerce
3 : stoppage, impediment; especially : prohibition

admittedly, i buy a lot of foreign products. in theory i support the "buy american" philosophy. but since the new year is about honesty, above all, i want a good deal. let's use a place like American Apparel as an example. American Apparel has some great products (albeit ridiculously embarrassing advertising). i have purchased a few basic tee shirts from this establishment and they fit incredibly well and have lasted strenuous tests of wash and wear. i look good in them, i feel good about buying american, and i feel kinda cool having shopped in American Apparel. American Apparel has made buying american clothes cool.

but the shirts were $16 a piece. and these were the cheapest ones there. this is unacceptable. it's a tee shirt. now i understand there is a price on cool. and it's usually fairly grand. but it's a plain white tee shirt. and my boobs look just as good in one made in korea.

i have a grey thermal shirt i wear under almost everything. i bought it three years ago from Forever 21. i paid $5.80 (all their prices oddly end like this) for it. it was definitely made in southeast asia and not by some hipster in los angeles, but it's great. it's comfortable and doesn't have any holes. and i feel like i got my money's worth long ago. i don't feel bad about buying it. in fact, i feel worse for wasting $16 on an american-made tee shirt that i could have gotten for $3.80.

American Apparel, i really want to support american-made products, but i need a little incentive. try having a SALE. ever. and you may encourage some more people to buy american. because right now buying american just feels like getting talked into letting an entire college frat take turns screwing me on video tape for the sake of charity.

"it's for a good cause, i swear."

if anything, i request an EMBARGO on American Apparel's hideous advertising.

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