Wednesday, January 27, 2010




1 : a strict disciplinarian
2 : a person who stresses a rigid adherence to the details of forms and methods

in addition to the information listed above, mirriam-webster also includes a "Did You Know?" section in their word-of-the-day emails that acts as a little history lesson on the origin of the word in question. the word MARTINET actually comes from the surname of a french general who served in the late 17th century—Lieutenant Colonel Jean Martinet—a drillmaster known for his precise linear formations of advancing troops and effective methods of command. he was so notorious that his last name eventually became a word synonymous with "strict disciplinarian."

i am trying to think of what my name would mean if it became a word. i suppose my first and last name would mean two different things—the first being more specific to me individually, and the last being more characteristic of overall traits inherent in the opper family.

candace \kan-dis\ noun : 1. a logical, rational person, rendered inept at the unpredictability of emotion.

opper \op-er\ noun : 1. a resourceful optimist; one able to face financial hardship with ease and humor.

i think those are fair assessments. and i think opper may have a fair chance at becoming a word.

watch your back, martinet. your discipline is no match for my resourceful rationality.

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