Saturday, January 16, 2010




: to become interlocked like the fingers of folded hands

first of all, i need to commend mirriam-webster for writing one of the most poetic definitions i have ever seen.

" the fingers of folded hands."


i was once told by someone very dear to me that i was an ideal hand-holder because i interlocked fingers instead of grabbing in the straight-on palm-on-palm method. INTERDIGITATING is, of course, ideal. the act of weaving your fingers with someone else's is so much more intimate and sexual than the dry-humping of palm-on-palm.

i have had at least four memorable hand-holding experiences, which i will now list consecutively:

1) having my hand held in a dark basement; thinking it was someone's only to find out it was someone else's, but
being pleasantly surprised at the truth. (1996)
2) having my hand held while reclining in the front seat of a car by someone who knew they couldn't be with me
because they had someone else and i wanted yet another someone else. (1998)
3) warning someone that i was going to grab their hand, subsequently grabbing it, and a minute later that someone
pulling their hand from mine saying, "i can't do this." (2003)
4) getting my hand grabbed during a midnight show of The Re-Animator, followed by me saying, "um..." and the
hand-grabber replying, "it'll be nice," and me complying, happily, for the entirety of the movie, and also thinking for at least a year that he actually said, "just let me be nice." not that it really makes a difference. (2008)

i fully support regular INTERDIGITATION. get those webs sweating against each other, people! it's essential!

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