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: a ballroom dance of Brazilian origin that resembles the two-step

this video is mesmerizing. it reminds me of one thing that in turn reminds me of another.

thing 1:

an episode of The Twilight Zone called "Miniature." a man finds himself mesmerized by a doll house in a museum in which he sees an animated doll of a beautiful woman playing the piano. of course, he is the only person who can see her moving. he falls in love with this woman, his fantasy or a reality, and begins to lose his mind—or so the other characters perceive. anyway, it unfolds like many other episodes—someone sees something others cannot, the lines between perception and reality are blurred, accusations are made, etc. i'm not going to reveal the ending for those who have yet to see it.

the music and the way these people are moving in this video reminds me of that episode. perhaps the music is similar, or maybe it's her dress, the way it doesn't quite flow and just drags along with her body. i keep picturing that these two dancing the MAXIXE are actually miniature, trapped inside a music box of some sort. or maybe only i can see them. maybe you're reading this and you think i'm totally crazy because i've actually attached a still image and not a moving picture.

thing 2:

a book called The Picolinis by Anne Graham Estern. Also about an animated dollhouse, purchased from a garage sale. in this story it is only the children that can see the dolls. and there's many of them. dolls, that is, not children. and the dolls are italian carnies. i read this book so many times as a child; it was truly one of my favorites. actually, i got it at a garage sale. maybe only i can read the book. maybe the book doesn't exist. (actually, it does. i just found it on amazon.)

after reading this book, i often fantasized about having miniature dolls that came to life. and when i got a little older and started to like boys, and perhaps after i saw this episode of The Twilight Zone, i often wished that i could fall in love with a miniature boy and carry him around in my bookbag in secret.

this was obviously before i learned about sex.

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